Charlotte von Krause founded SALUT COCO Interior 2021 with the idea lovelyspecial and high quality To let pieces move into our lives. Above all, it should also be about useful and durable things that make us happy in the long term. So she first designed a curtain collection made of 100% butter-soft, resource-saving linen in soft pastel and natural tones, which, cut to measure, give every room a luxurious, natural and modern look. She also has a special love for handmade ceramics, hand-blown glass and high-quality candles.  
sustainability is not only an issue at SALUT COCO Interior when choosing the products, we have also set ourselves a small challenge when it comes to shipping: we collect as much packaging material as possible and observe the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle as often as possible. Tape and stationery are not only beautiful, they are also ecologically produced. It is possible that you can see something in our shipping boxes from time to time on their 1st, 2nd or even 3rd life. 
In addition to the natural, simple look, Charlotte also loves interior influences from France and Denmark. She thinks it's great that more and more color can move into the apartments and houses!
Charlotte is married and has 4 children.
Salut! We are happy that you are here!