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Pojagi linen curtain - different options

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fabric selection

Dimensions: Width 130cm. Desired length (up to max. 310cm). For dimensions >310cm please send an inquiry to

Scope of delivery: 1 scarf. 

Pojagi is an old Korean sewing technique where there are no open hem edges. This makes the curtain look beautiful from both sides. The combinations of colors and structures are particularly effective in front of a window, since the light shining through from behind sets the scene for the fabrics. Depending on the choice of colours, patterns and fabrics, a curtain can make a subtle or decisive contribution to the design of the room. 

For the curtains we use 100% natural, pre-washed linen fabric that gives calm to the room gives and at the same time allows a gentle incidence of light. Manufactured in the EU, custom made in our workshop in Northern Germany. 

Choose your desired length: high tide, exactly fitting or an oversized look to underline the luxurious linen character. Depending on your taste, we recommend adding 2-10 cm. 

Choose between rail system and curtain rod. The curtain comes with a matching sheer curtain tape that lets the curtain fall in gentle waves.

For best results, please refer to our measuring instructions and hanging tips. Order our free ones linen samples or write us one Mail if you are still unsure. 

Material: linen 130 or 250 gsm

For these works of art, we use existing fabric remnants whenever possible. However, we are happy to try to accommodate your wishes regarding the colors from the range, order and arrangement of the fabrics. We are also happy to create individual offers with an even larger sample. We can be reached by phone Mon - Fri between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on 0176 72211286 or by email

Instructions for taking measurements

rail system:

Measure the bottom edge of the rail to the floor.

curtain rod:

Measure the top of the bar to the floor.

>> For a luxurious, oversized look that emphasizes the beautiful linen character, we recommend adding 2 to 5 cm to the overall length.

Please note that with these woven fabrics, there may be slight variations in customization. The curtain may sag over time, the color may fade.

Hanging tips

For a rail system, we recommend inserting the gliders into the sewn-in curtain tape at regular intervals. For nice bigger waves we recommend counting a distance of 9 to 11 pockets between gliders.

care instructions

Linen is a natural fiber that becomes softer and finer with age. 

After a few days, the hung curtain will lose the creases caused by transportation. A nice result can also be achieved with a steam iron: carefully steamed, the curtain falls softly and evenly. 

In order to preserve color and quality, we also recommend vacuuming the curtains at regular intervals with a soft attachment. 

For stains, warm water on a white cloth is recommended - dab gently on the fabric and allow to dry or dry with a steamer. Dry cleaning is recommended for larger soiling and stains.

Machine wash at 30° can shrink the curtain by 2-5%.

Customization & Shipping

This product is a tailor-made item that is made for you in our studio in northern Germany. We deliver within 3 weeks.